Joy Global and ESCO Corp. recently entered into a strategic business alliance. ESCO makes ground engaging tools and other wear products. The first phase of the new alliance is the development of new lip systems with ESCO technology for the dippers on P&H shovels. Joy Global Surface Mining will offer ESCO’s proprietary lips and GET systems as the standard offering on new P&H shovel dippers and loader buckets unless a customer specifically requests an alternative GET system. ESCO will service the aftermarket on all lips through their distribution network. ESCO and Joy Global engineers will also be collaborating on enhanced designs to improve reliability and productivity, while at the same time reducing lip and GET maintenance needs.

“This is an exciting opportunity for both companies as we work closely together to market new products with improved productivity and lower cost/ton performance for our collective mining customers,” said John Koetz, vice president, product marketing and engineering, Joy Global Surface Mining.

“ESCO and Joy Global are a good fit. Both are known for innovation and value. Through a shared commitment to customer satisfaction they drive toward increased production, reduced downtime and superior value,” said Jon Owens, president of engineered products, ESCO.