Driven by a shared strategy in support of the mining industry and to extend their leadership, Immersive Technologies and ICOM Productions announced they have entered into an exclusive Strategic Alliance. By combining its Advanced Equipment Simulators (AES) and Professional Services, along with ICOM Productions’ tailored eLearning and Instructor Led Training development services, Immersive can now offer a complete Blended Learning Solution. These Blended Learning Solutions will deliver unparalleled training effectiveness and efficiencies, according to the company, allowing for the dissemination of best practice training packages, with the organizational capabilities to ensure every solution is perfectly tailored to the customer’s specific workforce development challenges.

The shortage of machine operators within the mining industry is a well-documented issue. However, Immersive Technologies’ singular focus on the mining industry highlighted an unaddressed root cause being a lack of skilled trainers. This global shortage of skilled trainers presents the most significant bottleneck to the output of machine operators for the industry, according to Immersive.

Further, common training practices reduce organizational capacity to engage trainers in higher value activities such as coaching, feedback and simulation centric continuous improvement and other strategic workforce initiatives.

By using ICOM Production’s eLearning and Instructor Led Training, in conjunction with the AES, organizations can increase the ratio of machine operators to skilled trainers, freeing skilled trainers for activities where they add most value. Integrated as part of a tailored Blended Learning Solution, total operator training time and trainer overhead are significantly reduced and effectiveness increased.

ICOM has extensive experience working with the mining industry. It also has an established suite of eLearning content for heavy equipment including haul trucks, excavators, dozers, graders, etc., along with courses covering the entire mining process, with topics including human resources, plant operation and maintenance. The company has more than 100 dedicated staff and a highly scalable structure, providing Immersive with the flexibility to grow and develop tailored materials for the entire mining industry.