Hudbay Minerals said it has temporarily suspended operations at its Constancia mine in Peru as a result of locals trespassing on the property and occupying the open-pit area. According to local newspapers, about 1,000 people from the Chamaca district took over the Constancia mine camp and two open pits.

According to Hudbay Peru, Constancia recently signed an agreement with national and local governments and Hudbay Peru confirming areas of social cooperation. According to the company, the trespassers have not yet presented specific demands to Hudbay Peru.

Police are present to ensure the safety of people and assets and Hudbay Peru is working with representatives of the national and local governments, as well as other parties toward a goal of resolving the situation peacefully and safely.

According to local newspapers, these protesters are set up in the mine facilities and will stay there until an agreement has been reached with the local authorities. According to one of their leaders (protestors) called Álvaro Castañeda, this “invasion” took place because the company has not complied with the agreements of an Institutional Cooperation Agreement signed with the municipality of the Chamaca District in 2013. One of the non-complied commitments is funding of three projects related to public works for tax deduction. The total amount for those projects is more than 30 million Soles (US$8.8 million).