Goldcorp has been advised by the Government of Guatemala that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization of American States has notified the State of Guatemala, that “after reviewing the extensive information provided by the parties, the IACHR decided to modify the precautionary measures” adopted in May 2010 with respect to the Marlin mine. The modified precautionary measures do not request that operations at the Marlin mine be suspended as did the initial precautionary measures. Normal operations have continued at Marlin throughout the IACHR process.

“Goldcorp is gratified that the IACHR has taken into account the extensive information available, including water quality monitoring since before mine construction began and technical studies, which demonstrates that the Marlin mine is not causing and has not caused harm to human health or the environment, and has removed the suspension of Marlin operations from the precautionary measures,” said Chuck Jeannes, president and CEO, of Goldcorp. “We take seriously our commitment to the responsible stewardship of the environment and to the human rights of the people in communities near Marlin. We are proud of Goldcorp’s record of safe, responsible conduct at Marlin and everywhere we operate.”

Since the start of operations at Marlin, Guatemala’s Ministry of Energy and Mines and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources have monitored the company’s mining activities. In addition, Goldcorp and the Community Environmental Monitoring Association have monitored water quality in accordance with the requirements established in the environmental permits for the mine. All results of this monitoring have indicated that the operations are carried out strictly in compliance with the applicable national and international standards.