The Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG) recently announced that its Global Mining Standards Repository is live. Standards, guidelines and best practices have been identified as valuable tools that can assist in the mining industry’s bid for operational efficiency. Through research conducted with various stakeholders across the industry, GMSG has identified an industry-wide gap in the communication of and in access to these standards.

“There are such a great number of standards bodies, both at the international and national levels, that mining companies can be hard pressed to find the standards they require to advance their organizations,” said GMSG Chair Andrew Scott. “One of GMSG’s key objectives is to bridge that gap, and ease the implementation of standards in mining by making them more accessible. The launch of our searchable standards directory is a step forward.”

With input and participation from various standards bodies, professional associations and stakeholders from around the world, GMSG has compiled a Searchable Mining Standards Database. The aim is to provide a comprehensive, global information resource that is readily accessible to interested stakeholders, and that can be modified over time to ensure that data is up-to-date.