GIW Industries will expand a REGEN Service Center in Fort McMurray to accommodate Alberta’s oil sands growth. Despite frigid temperatures, officials of the company, a leader in heavy-duty centrifugal slurry equipment, pumps and parts, are seeking Q2 2014 completion.

A typical hydro transport pump can have individual components weighing up to 37,000 lb. Bigger pumps and parts mandate further mechanical servicing and staging space.

The GIW building will also expand its climate-controlled space by 30% to 29,000 square feet along with a half-acre, outdoor stockyard. Overall, according to company officials, the expansion will afford a larger, more efficient area to accommodate slurry needs for the growing oil sands market.

In addition to installation, commissioning and maintenance supervision, said GIW representatives, the facility will offer in-house inventory and repair, maintenance inspection, system services, technical consultancy and training and retrofit services.

To ensure against unexpected downtime, the facility will house $8 million in inventory while accepting two stock trucks weekly and contract trucks as needed. To this end, GIW will track each customer projects to maintain inventory levels accommodating anticipated maintenance needs.

Repair-ready, the facility will also boast in-house service technicians to assemble OEM specifications and standards, said company officials, along with a dust-free clean room for bearing installation and final assembly.