GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business recently celebrated the grand opening of a manufacturing facility in Santiago, building on its commitment to provide reliable electrical distribution product and service solutions to its Latin American customers in a more timely and cost-effective manner. The products assembled at the facility—including Industrial Solutions’ low and medium voltage switchgear and motor control centers—are delivered to customers working across a variety of industries in Latin America, particularly the mining industry.

“With more than 115 years of experience working in the Latin American region, GE successfully delivers reliable technologies and services that help our customers manage, automate and optimize their electrical power,” said Luis Ramírez, CEO, GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business. “We have established ourselves as a strategic business supplier to many of the largest companies in the mining and metals industries. Today, we not only celebrate the grand opening of our new facility in Santiago, but also our long-term commitment to the region. We will continue to operate and share knowledge locally to provide employment opportunities and training in high-tech engineering positions for the next generation of Latin Americans.”

Recognizing local companies’ need for advanced technology that provides a reliable electrical infrastructure, GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business opened the manufacturing facility in Santiago to localize operations and therefore cut delivery time and costs for its customers.

“Many of our customers’ mine sites are located in some of the most extreme environments in the world, and we count on Industrial Solutions’ rugged, reliable systems to power our customer’s operations,” said Alfonso Teplizky, general manager, Morgan Industrial South America, one of the region’s leading distributors to mining companies. “By having GE’s global resources and expertise available to us at the local level, we are together able to help our customers find better ways to increase output, improve quality and uphold the highest safety standards while decreasing costs.”

GE first entered the region in 1896 and currently has more than19,700 employees working in 31 countries in Latin America. Understanding the challenges of mining in more remote and deeper locations brought about by increased demand for minerals, GE Energy created GE Mining Solutions to collaboratively develop with clients the advanced technologies needed to continue their success. Industrial Solutions, a GE heritage business, is leading the future of electrification with advanced technologies that distribute, protect and control.