Officials at European minerals development and exploration company EMED Mining have reported operational progress at their site near Seville in southern Spain by Q3 2013, including production commissioning at Q2 2014’s first planned mine and accelerated production well into 2015.

“The Andalucian Government’s regulatory authorities serve their environmental and economic agendas in a complementary manner,” said EMED Mining CEO Harry Anagnostaras-Adams. “Environmentally, the conditions make the plan safer during operations and avoid the premature disturbance of more land—economically, the conditions preserve production and also serve expansion scenarios.”

Precursors to fledging work include regulatory satisfaction for both the Andalucian Government’s Departments of Industry and Environment. These are categorized by existing dam wall restriction, transition to high density tailings for waste water reduction, a sealing of the surface tailings deposits during operations, and sufficient holding capacity to support base production plans.

All refinements have received input from civil engineering, tailings handling, hydrology and restoration advisers. This follows discussion with the regulators and the Spanish technical review agency CEDEX. This is subsequent to drilling and due diligence programs completed in Q1 2013.

Founded in 2005, EMED Mining has sought to redevelop an open-pit copper mine near Seville formerly owned by mining giant Rio Tinto. Mining ceased in 2000 due to low copper prices. EMED’s second main asset is the Biely Vrch gold operation in Slovakia, where an initial economic study shows major economic potential.