DWIDAG Systems International (DSI) has signed an agreement to acquire intellectual property and manufacturing assets for the OneStep mining bolt from Hilti AG, based in Liechtenstein. The OneStep is a self-drilling mining bolt, which combines the drill head, drill steel, bolt and adhesive resin in a single unit. It offers a unique value proposition since drilling the hole, retracting the drill steel, resin capsule insertion, bolt insertion and setting of the bolt can be done in one single step. Main advantages are faster installation time, better installation quality and improved safety.

“OneStep represents an important addition to our product portfolio targeting the premium bolt segment,” said Patrik Nolaker, CEO, DSI Group. “The product offers a unique value proposition and has proven itself by significantly increasing productivity with several customers. Our plan is to optimize the supply chain of the product and promote OneStep through our well-established distribution network. This acquisition also confirms DSI’s continuous interest in technically advanced solutions to make underground mining safer and more efficient.”

The OneStep Bolt was introduced to the German mining industry in 2004 to achieve quicker and consistent bolt cycle times for roadway development in deep coal mining. After successfully implementing it in Germany, Hilti introduced the technology in other markets. Today, the bolt is predominately used in Australian coal mines.