IMC Group Consulting Ltd., the British subsidiary of DMT, will now trade under the name DMT Consulting Ltd. Likewise, the Essen-based subsidiary IMC Montan Consulting GmbH will be renamed DMT Consulting GmbH. Together with other companies in the DMT group, including their Indian sister DMT Consulting Private Ltd., which changed its name from IMC-SRG Consulting Private Ltd. at the end of July, they form DMT’s International Mining Consulting division.

“In recent years, the DMT group has expanded internationally,” said Dr. Eiko Räkers, CEO at DMT. “We feel the renaming is a necessary step to ensure that our customers recognize us as a group and to maintain a consistent image as part of our one-brand strategy.”

IMC has been part of the DMT Group since 2006 and has played a major role in the development of DMT’s International Mining Consulting activities. The group has expanded from its bases in Europe and established mining consulting companies in Russia, India, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as representative offices in Peru, Turkey and Bangladesh, and a partnership arrangement in Mongolia.

“As DMT’s International Mining Consulting Division has expanded and will continue to expand, we consider it timely and strategic to integrate into one group and operate under one brand name,” said Managing Director Chris Wells. “DMT Consulting Ltd., which will also incorporate our network of offices around the world, will continue to provide the mining industry with market‐leading mining consultancy services. The integration of the group will also provide ready access to a larger number of highly trained professional staff, additional services and greater local presence in more countries worldwide.”

IMC, which was inaugurated in 1947, provides multidisciplinary engineering for all stages of mine development and operation throughout the mining life cycle. IMC also specializes in providing independent technical assessments, including valuations and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and support for stock exchange listings.

DMT was founded in 1990 by the merger of three German engineering companies whose roots extend back to 1737. The DMT group operates worldwide, with a workforce of around 1,000, offering services to the mining sector, as well as other industries.