Immersive Technologies was awarded for its “Outstanding Contribution to Training” at the Codelco Third Technical Standards Exhibition in Calama, Chile. Business partners of Codelco were invited to attend the five day event that highlighted current technologies being used at Codelco mine sites and being integrated into their safety guidelines and standard operating procedures.

Immersive Technologies exhibited an underground truck module on its Advanced Equipment Simulator. This technology has helped leading mining companies around the world lower their cost per ton in the safest possible way and transformed the way the mining industry recruits, trains, improves and assesses the risk associated with their equipment operators.

“We are honored to be recognized by Codelco for our efforts in operator training,” said Manfredo Manfredi, Immersive Technologies regional vice president-Latin America. “This award is particularly significant to Immersive Technologies, as Codelco is a long term user of our simulator products. We offer the mining industry’s only complete and scalable operator training solution and were delighted to showcase our latest offering to Codelco operators, supervisors and executives. We combine eLearning, instructor led training, medium and high fidelity simulators to provide the most cost effective training solution.”

The Immersive Technologies Advanced Equipment Simulator was deemed one of the great attractions of the show and drew large crowds wanting to test drive the simulator and experience underground mining operations.

“As a company, our goal is to make every mining and earth moving equipment operator in the world safer and their employer more profitable. This award from Codelco is testimony to our progress in achieving this objective,” said Manfredi.

Immersive Technologies is one of the largest supplier of equipment simulators for surface and underground mining.