BHP Billiton’s coal business will witness productivity driven growth in both energy and metallurgical coal worldwide over coming decades, according to its coal business president. To date, added Dean Dalla Valle at the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)’s Energy Series, best practices have been driven by common processes company-wide.

In his first keynote address at the Brisbane CEDA event, Dalla Valle emphasized the dual importance of productivity and a high-performing culture to ensure long-term sustainable coal exports in Australia; in all BHP’s coal unit, he noted, includes 20 metal and energy coal operations across five countries.

“In 2013, we produced 154 million tons on a 100% basis,” he said. “We are the largest coal miner in Queensland and a major contributor to the Queensland economy;” investing $10 billion, while employing more than 7,000 at BHP’s Bowen Basin operations.

Meanwhile, “our business has equipment, technology, infrastructure, and expertise to operate mines more safely and efficiently than ever before,” he said. However, more is needed to “improve productivity and competitiveness of our mines.”

Dalla Valle cited the new commuting workforce at the Daunia mine as an example. “When you go to Daunia, you bring diverse, enthusiastic new people to our industry and blend them with experienced miners, he said. “It helps increase our diversity as we strive to better reflect our society and spread benefits of mining across Queensland.”