Bel-Ray Co., a leading U.S.-based specialty lubricants provider serving the mining business, has announced a new partnership with Esco Corp., for new distribution of its mining specialty lubricants within Esco’s Brazilian operations. Both companies can now provide lubrication solutions to customers throughout the Latin American region.

The venture will allow mining companies a one-stop shop approach, with Bel-Ray’s extensive product line and Esco’s support, to provide total lubrication and service solutions, said company officials. Bel-Ray features increased productivity via cost-saving products and services. Coupled with Esco’s product line, both will enable miners dual reliability and performance, added company representatives.

“Bel-Ray and Esco have a meaningful market share in respective disciplines,” said Bel-Ray CEO Jennifer Liquori. “During a period of austerity, customers are looking for suppliers that maximize value and maintain 100% machine up-time.”