Armorite Wear Liners are designed to be an integral part of any bulk handling conveyor system. ASGCO manufactures a variety of Armorite Wear Liners with many options and sizes to choose from, anywhere from smooth to chock bar style. These wear liners are made out of abrasion resistant, modular, high-wear material, designed to handle any tough mining application, and can be used to line belts, feeders, grizzly’s, chutes, and bin impact areas.

Armorite is a combination of high chromium and molybdenum white iron, metallurgically bonded to a mild, thick steel plate that provides maximum protection in high wear areas. It has a mild steel backing that cushions the white iron, enabling it to withstand impact and it’s easily weldable with minimal preparation. These wear liners have proved successful in iron ore, copper-gold mining and other types of metal and other hard rock mining applications.