ATMOS Global recently launched DustAlert+. An artificially intelligent (AI) system designed specifically for dust control and management in mining, it’s the first multi-factor, multi-criteria dust impact early warning system, according to the developer. It is the new AI enhanced version of ATMOS Global’s multi-channel early warning system DustAlert.

It works in tandem, interconnected with the ATMOS-5D system to issue customized and detailed early warnings (a few days in advance) for dust emissions that have the potential to affect sensitive receptors. “DustAlert+ is a new generation self-aware, self-learning and self-adapting system,” said Dr. Orestis Valianatos, president and CEO, ATMOS Global. “It uses a series of novel, unique and proprietary algorithms that facilitate the decision optimization process for dust management. It provides an advanced dust mitigation strategy that allows mine site operators to automatically anticipate potential dust impacts well before they happen and intervene to control these dust impacts in a convenient and timely manner.”