Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tradeu recently visited Argentina, and mining was one of the key issues discussed. He stressed the importance of having a responsible and transparent mining industry. He pointed out his commitment to incentivize international cooperation to guarantee that mining is developed in accordance with the highest quality standards. He signed an agreement with Argentina that implements the program “TSM-Sustainable Mining,” which establishes several parameters and control stages, involving both company’s internal staff and community boards. 

President of the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs Marcelo Alvarez stated that the TSM program is an important tool for companies to achieve a good performance and manage the risks associated with mining. The TSM was one of the initiatives announced in early 2016 by the chamber, in its plan, “Desafío CAEM 20/21,” which set objectives for the next five years.

The main principles of TSM are supported by a series of protocols that describe the commitments undertaken by the companies. The companies are required to assess their performance in six main areas: manage of mine tailings, relationship with the community, health and safety, biodiversity preservation, crisis management and energy application, and management of the emissions.