To build on the solid base of current projects while also expanding opportunities for engagement, the Alpha Foundation is providing continued support of research and development projects vital to meeting its mission of improving mining safety and health. The Alpha Foundation announced its fourth solicitation, AFC417, which will focus on holistic mining safety and health efforts.

In contrast to prior solicitations that focused on single investigator grants, the goal of this solicitation is to bring a range of disciplines together to interact and provide a better opportunity through synergistic efforts to solve challenging mine problems. The foundation intends to create a “coalition” spirit to bring the best talent together and fund a cohesive research effort that is focused on a holistic solution approach around a common goal or specific aim. The desired outcome is to expand the solution space of a particular problem area beyond what has been accomplished with the traditional engineering/technological design practice or health-related exposure assessment studies.

Concept papers for projects are due by 5 p.m. ET on January 31. All concept papers must be submitted through the Alpha Foundation Grant Management System. More information can be found on the Alpha Foundation’s website at or by contacting