ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. has acquired two Manitowoc/Grove packages, adding a total of 17 machines to its rental fleet: the first in May, including nine units anchored by the mammoth Manitowoc 18000 crawler, and the second in July, eight units including a GMK 7550 AT and a Manitowoc 2250 crawler. The total purchase of 17 new units offers a range of capacities from 40 to 825 tons.

“We are adding to our already considerable resources to handle incoming jobs in virtually all developed sectors—power plants, mills, road/bridge work and commercial construction—but also in developing sectors such as frack mining, wind farms and solar energy,” said Michael Liptak, president, ALL Erection & Crane Rental. “These mid- to heavy-duty machines are in high demand and the new units helped us meet our unwavering commitment to serving customer needs. We are grateful to Manitowoc/Grove; they were very helpful through these past few months.”