South Australia’s Redstack has formed alliances with local partners Maptek and Avitus UAV Systems to deliver end-to-end reality capture, 3-D scanning and 3-D modeling solutions. With national headquarters in North Adelaide, South Australia, Redstack is a leading provider of service and technology to engineering and architecture community. These new partnerships complement Redstack’s relationships with Autodesk, Apple and Makerbot, enabling Redstack to deliver end-to-end solutions for design, engineering and BIM professionals.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with leading Australian professionals,” said Redstack Managing Director Michael Lachs. “We are passionate about assisting Australian companies to grow and thrive in a global marketplace. Maptek and Avitus are just two of many South Australian success stories. We look forward to introducing their technologies to our clients throughout Australia and Asia Pacific.”

“Through our partnership with Redstack, we are seeing exciting applications of our technologies in the architecture and construction industries,” said James Moncrieff, technical services and distributor coordinator at Maptek. 3-D scanning is providing significant safety improvements and efficiency for architects and engineers working on existing sites.”

“With the broad range of UAV technologies on the market, it’s important you get the right technology to meet your needs,” said Simon Butterworth, Avitus managing director. “There are complex regulations and licensing requirements for using aerial technologies and partnering with someone like Redstack will ensure you avoid making a costly mistake in selecting the right technology and complying with regulatory requirements.”