MMG reported that it has resumed copper concentrate shipments now that roadblocks in the Velille district, which had disrupted logistics transport, have been removed. The shipments to the port restarted on March 11 and the mine is ramping back up to full production.

During February, MMG placed Las Bambas on care and maintenance. Throughout much of 2022, the mine experienced intermittent roadblocks affecting inbound and outbound transportation. Following the impeachment of Pedro Castillo, the previous President of Peru, widespread protests have caused disruptions along the Southern Road Corridor, affecting the broader mining industry. The transport disruptions essentially forced Las Bambas to progressively slow its operations due to a shortage of critical supplies, and then suspend operations.

MMG said Las Bambas will now work to progressively reduce its stockpile of copper concentrate held on site. The company said it continues to work closely with communities along the Southern Road Corridor to reach enduring agreements to maintain supply and export logistics, saying it places a priority on the health, safety and security of all employees, contractors and community members.