Forum Energy Metals reported in late June that Rio Tinto Exploration Canada has initiated exploration at Forum’s Janice Lake sedimentary copper/silver project in northern Saskatchewan. Forum President and CEO Rick Mazur said, “I look forward to this summer’s program, with a regional focus on uncovering the full extent of copper and silver mineralization at Janice Lake. We have barely scratched the surface on exploring this sedimentary basin, which stretches for over 50 kilometers (km). Rio Tinto’s focus will not only be on finding higher-grade and thicker open-pit strata-bound horizons but also high-grade structurally controlled mineralization.”

Copper showings and structural, geophysical, geochemical, and boulder train targets developed by the mapping and prospecting program will be drilled using a rotary air blast (RAB) drill rig to test bedrock in areas of overburden for hidden copper/silver mineralization. Drilling permit applications for this work and a proposed future diamond drilling program were expected to be granted by mid-July.

An eight-person prospecting and mapping team has started systematic traverses on 2-km-wide spacings on the 52-km extent of the property. Detailed follow-up mapping and prospecting will be completed on prospective areas for strata-bound and structural copper/silver targets and mineralized areas discovered on the property.

A program of geophysical and geochemical orientation surveys has commenced over the known mineralization at the Janice target that was drilled in summer 2019. Exploration techniques such as induced polarization, electromagnetic, vegetation and soil surveys will be conducted over the deposit to identify signatures that may identify other deposits on the property.

Downhole logging of the 2019 holes will be completed this summer, and a regional AMT transect across the full 11.6-km width of the basin will be conducted to understand basin architecture.

Crews have begun construction of a 50-person camp on the property at Burbidge Lake. This camp will provide improved, proximal access for proposed future diamond drilling.