Bauxite Resources Ltd. has announced an initial resource for the Felicitas bauxite deposit in the Darling Range of Western Australia. The resource is held by the Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures (BAJV) of Bauxite Resources and Yankuang Resources. The resource advances the prospects of the BAJV achieving its stated aim of defining a minimum of 90 million mt of refinery-grade bauxite to underpin the prospects of development of an alumina refinery for the joint venture.

The Felicitas deposit comprises a bauxite horizon 2- to 16-m thick that is typically covered by 0.5–2 m of loose overburden. The resource estimate is based on 3,624 vertical holes drilled for a total of 24,085 m on a nominal 80-m x 80-m drill pattern. The deposit is considered to have further resource growth potential, as drilling programs to date have yet to fully test the lateral extent of the mineralization. Additional drilling is planned, with the intention of adding to the resource base and providing material for beneficiation and metallurgical test work.

The Felicitas resource is located approximately 100 km northeast of Perth and 10 km from the town of Wundowie. (