Eldorado Gold Corp. announced that Greek Ministry of Energy and Environment has approved a modification to the Kassandra Mines Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to allow for the use of dry stack tailings disposal at the Skouries project. Dry stack technology involves filtering tailings to remove water prior to stacking and compacting the dry material in a designated tailings area.

Dry stacked material is denser than conventional slurry tailings and can be stacked and compacted, thus occupying less space and reducing the environmental footprint of the facility by 50%.

The high solids content of the dry-stack material, which has a consistency similar to damp sand, significantly improves the tailings facility’s safety and stability, particularly during extreme weather events.

Water removed from the tailings will be recycled, reducing the need to extract water from local sources.

Allows for continuous reclamation, making final reclamation at the end of mine life faster and easier.

“Receipt of this approval is a major milestone for the Skouries project and the use of dry-stack technology results in a number of safety, environmental and economic benefits,” President and CEO George Burns said. “Eldorado continues to be an industry leader in dry stack tailings as we have deployed this technology at the majority of our mines. Investment in dry stack at Skouries demonstrates our commitments to using best available environmental technologies at our mines and to ensuring the safety and protection of people and the environment.”

This approval is one of the key items required to restart construction at Skouries, Burns said.