OM Holdings Ltd. has updated the reserve and resource estimates for its Bootu Creek manganese mine in Australia’s Northern Territory. According to the company, the updated resource estiate is based on a more conservative cutoff grade of 15% Mn compared with the 18% Mn cutoff used previously. Mine life is expected to be 13 years based on an expanded mining and processing rate of 2.5 million mt/y ore, along with an expanded production rate of 1 million mt/y of manganese. Mine production for 2009 included 1.96 million mt at 23.1% Mn and 0.47 million mt at 16.2% (low grade ore) for a combined production total of 2.43 million mt at 21.8%.

A more extensive exploration program will be carried out this year, mainly at the Renner and Helen Springs project areas, based on last year’s aerial photography, structural and geological mapping, nearly 3,000 m reconnaissance drilling, and 14,553 m of resource delineation and exploration drilling on the Bootu creek mineral lease.