The Diamond Bourse of Canada (DBC), Canada’s central diamond exchange, announced October 10 the opening of a permanent liaison office within the Shanghai Diamond Exchange facility, China’s primary diamond gateway. Establishing a permanent DBC presence in China came at the conclusion of a formal business visit by a delegation of Canadian diamond businesses that sought to address three primary goals:

• To explore possible commercial syner gies between Canadian and Chinese diamond operations and to establish bilateral trade relations between the members of the diamond exchanges.
• To establish a China-specific marketing strategy for Canadian diamonds and to educate Chinese consumers on the value of “Brand Canada.”
• To advocate the benefits of Canada to potential Chinese investors and to attract direct Chinese investment in various facets of the country’s emerging diamond industries.

DBC General Manager Adam Shubinsky said, “As major producers and consumers, China and Canada have much to gain from exploring and seeking mutually beneficial industry synergies on all levels of the industry. The Diamond Bourse of Canada remains committed to exploring any opportunity that may lead to a strengthening of the various vertical components of the Canadian industry, from mining and manufacturing through to wholesale and retail.”