A major Chilean miners’ union is threatening a strike against Codelco. In a news release, representatives of the Extraordinary Congress of the Federation of Copper Workers, an umbrella organization representing 20 unions, threatened a “Mobilization Plan” in 30 days against Codelco Chile, citing “arrogance and blatant inefficiency of its executives with workers and the country.”

Demands include reducing job losses, improving labor relations, ending operational outsourcing, and privatization of health benefits and pension reform. As the world’s largest copper producer, Codelco represents 11% of global output; over 2013, Codelco announced plans to invest $5 billion in the country’s copper sector.

Through an outreach plan, union leadership announced plans to “promote the unity of action with other relevant stakeholders and citizens of the country, as students, regionalist movements, environmentalists, pensioners associations” among others; a similar 24-hour walkout in 2011 cost Codelco $40 million.