PANalytical Boulder, formerly ASD Inc., reminded graduate students conducting mining- or geology-related research to submit their proposal for the Students in Mining TerraSpec Instrument Program by November 15 for a chance to be awarded a TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer. Accepted student proposals will be announced in December. 

While the program has historically targeted the mining industry, the Students in Mining program has been expanded this year to include student proposals in energy and geothermal related fields as well.

In addition to receiving the TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer, which provides rapid, portable and non-destructive analysis of minerals in the lab or the field, the students with the most inventive research proposals will also receive access to The Spectral Geologist Pro mineral analysis software for the duration of the instrument loan period. Spectral data captured using the TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer can be imported into TSG to be easily sorted and analyzed.

Proposals should be unique to the field and need not have an immediate practical application or guarantee of success. Submissions that extend the frontiers of mining exploration, mining production, energy or geothermal will be given additional consideration. An interdisciplinary review committee will carefully assess each submission to make final selections.

Applicants must be pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. within an accredited college or university in any country where Carnet documentation for shipments is accepted. Each recipient will also be eligible to receive up to a total of $500 to cover the cost of publication fees (if the resulting paper is accepted for publication in a scientific journal) and/or travel assistance for the presentation of an accepted abstract at a relevant scientific conference.

“We encourage student researchers to apply for a chance to enhance their research by utilizing the TerraSpec 4’s advanced technology,” said Chris Sherry, geologist and senior mining market manager at PANalytical Boulder.

For more information about the Students in Mining TerraSpec Instrument Program, including submission guidelines, visit