Stantec, a leader in mining engineering, has been selected by Resolution Copper Mining to deliver a $16 million feasibility study providing engineering and technical services for the Resolution Copper mine in Superior, Arizona. The proposed underground mine has the potential to be one of the largest producers of copper in North America—supplying up to 25% of US copper demand each year.

Resolution Copper is a limited liability company that is owned by Rio Tinto (55%) and BHP (45%). Stantec has been a lead underground mining and infrastructure consultant on the project since early 2019. Stantec will assist Resolution Copper by providing engineering and execution planning services for the mine.

“Resolution Copper is mining a critical resource needed for the energy transition,” said Mario Finis, executive vice president for Stantec’s Energy & Resources business. “We are proud to support our client in this important endeavor with a strong commitment to sustainable mining throughout the entire life cycle of the project.”

Stantec’s engineering services on this project include power distribution, material handling, shafts and hoisting systems, dewatering/pumping, communications, and more. Additionally, Stantec is evaluating the use of battery electric vehicles to help the mine meet its goal of zero carbon emissions.