Rio Tinto’s new CEO Jean-Sébastien Jacques unveiled a new executive team that represents seven nationalities and is as diverse as it is experienced. Each new team member has more than 20 years of experience in the resources sector, Jacques explained, which complements the deep expertise of the existing executive team.

Rio Tinto’s organizational structure will include four product groups: Aluminum, Copper & Diamonds, Energy & Minerals, and Iron Ore. These groups will be complemented by a newly shaped Growth & Innovation group, which will focus on future assets and technical support.

Alfredo Barrios will remain as chief executive of the Aluminum group, based in Montreal. Chris Salisbury, currently acting Copper & Coal chief executive, will become Iron Ore chief executive based in Perth.

Jacques combined two marketing-led businesses into a single product group, Copper & Diamonds, which he believes will help maximize technical underground mining expertise. Arnaud Soirat will join the executive committee as Copper & Diamonds chief executive. Arnaud, currently Aluminum Primary Metal president and CEO, with more than 24 years of industry experience across three continents, will be based in London.

Jacques also combined Rio Tinto’s coal, uranium, salt, borates and titanium dioxide businesses as well as the Iron Ore Co. of Canada into the Energy & Minerals. Alan Davies will manage Energy & Minerals from London.

Stephen McIntosh, currently acting Technology & Innovation Group executive, will take up the role of Growth & Innovation Group executive, based in Brisbane.

Joanne Farrell, currently the global head of Health, Safety, Environment and Communities, will take on the role of Group executive, Health, Safety & Environment based in Perth. Farrell, who has more than 35 years of experience in the mining sector, will also become managing director of Australia.

Andrew Harding, currently Iron Ore chief executive, will leave the business on July 1. Jacques thanked Harding for his dedication and commitment to Rio Tinto after almost 25 years with the business, including six years on the executive committee.

The new Rio Tinto Executive Committee will be: Jean-Sébastien Jacques, CEO; Christopher Lynch, CFO; Hugo Bague, Organizational Resources Group executive; Alfredo Barrios, Aluminum chief executive; Alan Davies, Energy & Minerals chief executive; Joanne Farrell, Health, Safety & Environment Group executive; Stephen McIntosh, Growth & Innovation Group executive; Chris Salisbury, Iron Ore chief executive; Arnaud Soirat, Copper & Diamonds chief executive; and Debra Valentine, Legal & Regulatory Affairs Group executive.