Outotec has up-scaled the proven Outotec Larox pressure filtration technology to larger scale. The Outotec Larox PF 180 series filters are now 50% larger than the previous model. The Outotec Larox PF is at its best in applications such as tailings filtration, fine ore concentrates and large scale metal concentrates.

The units weighs160 tons and stands 9-m high. With a length of 9 m, it has a filtration area of 252 m2 (the individual plates are 9 m2). The system holds up to 28 plates with 60 mm chambers.

An essential part in the PF 180 is the filter media. The filter cloth of PF 180 is continuous, 200 m long and has only one seam. Outotec provides its own cloth line, developed and designed for the PF filter and meeting the demands of the process. The automation system of the PF 180 has also been brought to a new level with interactive self-diagnostic features, user manuals and electronic spare parts catalogue with 3-D images.