More than 400 researchers from 34 countries have already confirmed their participation at the 24th edition of the World Mining Congress (WMC). The event, which has attracted a significant number of confirmed participants, consists of a congress, technical-work presentations and a fair. The Brazilian Mining Institute or IBRAM ( is organizing this edition of the WMC, the theme of which shall be “Mining in a World of Innovation.” It will be held for the first time in Brazil between October 18-21, in Rio de Janeiro.

The WMC promotes and supports cooperation for national and international progress in mining and the development of mineral resources. For the CEO of IBRAM, José Fernando Coura, the WMC shall promote the integration between top-level executives, mining professionals and academics, as well as important investors. “This is, without a doubt, an opportunity to gain new perspectives on the development of the mining industry, attract investments and generate positive impacts on socioeconomic indicators, which will benefit all Brazilians,” Coura said.

According to IBRAM Director of Environmental Issues and the WMC Technical Coordinator Rinaldo Mancin, it is a great opportunity to establish a world exchange network related to mineral science, technology, economics, health and safety in mining operations, and environmental protection. “This will primarily result from the large number of innovations that will be presented by the authors,” Mancin said.

Among those works registered, more than 50% were produced by Brazilians, followed by the Polish (8.4%) and the Chinese (4.7%). The main topics dealt with were Sustainability in Mining, Innovation in Mining and Underground Mining. Those authors whose summaries were approved have until March 30 to submit their drafts via the event website.

There will also be an exhibition space of approximately 4,000 m2 that will house stands of the main companies linked to the mining sector. The purpose of the fair is to exhibit the latest equipment, software and other products connected to the industry. It is expected that more than 10,000 people will visit during the four days of the fair and they will get a first-hand look at the sector’s latest innovations.