McLanahan Corp. recently launched its first line of filter presses that are designed, manufactured and serviced directly from the United States. These fully automatic systems provide the most efficient, cost-effective fines dewatering solution in the industry, according to McLanahan. Using filter presses eliminates the need for slurry ponds and a full time operator. The units produce a dry cake and uses less chemicals than convention tailings management systems.

This technology dewaters fines by treating the underflow of a thickener. Several different options are available in regards to the design of the machine. Both overhead beam and side beam designs are available and can feature either recessed chamber filter plates or membrane filter plates with a wide range of available pressures from 225 to 725 psi. Other options include core blow systems and automatic wash systems. McLanahan has developed a Smart Hydraulics system that keeps the press in alignment for longer seal life, better alignment and easier diagnostics.