Komatsu America Corp. will debut the 400-ton 980E-4 haul truck at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. With a 3,500-hp engine, the 980E-4 builds on a long history of success with electric-drive trucks.

“For several years, many of our customers have been asking Komatsu for a 400-ton electric-drive rear dump truck with the reliability of our flagship model, the 930E. With the release of the 980E-4, we now have a product to meet this market demand,” said Tom Stedman, product manager, Komatsu America Corp. “Building on the foundation of the 960E, Komatsu was able to expedite the development of this new truck, while maintaining our strict standards of design, testing and product quality.”

The 980E-4 provides an optimal match in large-scale mining applications with big bucket shovels (55-99 yd3), such as Komatsu’s PC8000 and the P&H 4100XPC-4800XPC, loading out in three to five passes, depending on bucket size and material density. This new truck features expanded dump body capabilities designed to optimize payload capacity and mining production.

09162016 Komatsu980EAn 18-cylinder Komatsu SSDA18V170 diesel engine will maintain a high stall-torque capacity for those mines with soft underfoot conditions. The engine comes standard with a pre-lube system, designed to help reduce wear during startup, a Cense on-board monitoring system and the Eliminator engine oil filtration system.

The AC electric drive system, manufactured by GE Transportation Systems, enables efficient operations in both deep pit and soft underfoot operations. The Invertex II drive system incorporates the latest AC technology and advanced performance features.

The GDY108C traction motor was designed specifically for the 980E-4, with enhancements in both the mechanical and electrical portions of the motor. The 980E-4 uses the GTA-39 traction alternator and an air-cooled Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverter system technology.

The AC system features an alternator designed with a dual impeller in-line blower (12,000 cfm air capacity) for consistent electrical component cooling, and a high-capacity retarding package for longer brake life and improved horsepower for downhill descents, Komastu said. An electric dynamic retardation force of 6,000 hp for continuous downhill hauling allows the 980E-4 to maintain constant downhill speed or decelerate without frequent use of brakes. This permits travel at higher speeds, even down longer, steep slopes.