The new IM360 simulator dramatically increases realism and features the flexibility to simulate all machines modules including surface, underground hard rock, and underground coal complementing Immersive Technologies’ industry leading PRO3-B platform designed specifically for surface.

With the announcement of the new IM360 Advanced Equipment Simulator, Immersive Technologies has expanded the scope of simulation-based training to now go beyond equipment operator training, while dramatically increasing the level of training flexibility available.

“Product development over our 20 year history has focused on making mine sites safer and their employers more profitable through our simulator based training and together with our integration and support expertise the IM360 will continue to deliver on our mission,” said Wayde Salfinger, executive director-marketing, Immersive Technologies.

Through the patented RealMove technology, the IM360 allows trainees to freely walk around their mine site and practice responding to emergency evacuations and identify risks in a 360° realistic environment. Personnel can now be prepared and assessed to a standard far beyond traditional methods.

The removable motion base for seated equipment operator training allows trainees to feel the movement they would experience in the real machine, including rapid jolts, feelings of acceleration, or the vibration in the seat as they traverse over steep and rocky roads or along uneven surfaces.

The visual display system for seated equipment includes RealView technology, which dynamically adjusts the perspective of the trainee providing a true real-world view outside the cabin while increasing the level of depth perception. The IM360 is available in classroom and transportable configurations.