Endomines Oy has agreed on terms of an agreement to sell and deliver all of its flotation gold concentrate production from the Pampalo gold mine to Boliden Harjavalta, Finland. The final agreement is expected to be signed within the next few weeks. The agreement will cover a one-year period. Deliveries according to the agreed terms have already started.

“The agreement implicates trust from the customer side that Endomines will be able to deliver low impurities concentrate for smelting at Harjavalta smelter, Finland,” said Markus Ekberg, CEO of Endomines. “We are very delighted to see that in the future our flotation gold concentrates will be treated at the sustainable and responsible operating flash smelter.”

Endomines conducts exploration and mining business along the 40 km long Karelian Gold Line. Through various regulatory approvals, Endomines controls the exploration rights to this entire area. The company’s first mine, Pampalo, started in February 2011. The ore from satellite mines will be processed in the centrally located mill at Pampalo.