Clive Palmer has claimed a major victory in the Supreme Court of Queensland, with Justice David Jackson dismissing a claim brought by Citic Ltd. for the alleged misappropriation of port funds. Palmer said the court findings came as no surprise.

“The facts of the claim were for an improper purpose because Citic Ltd. was refusing to pay for hundreds of millions of dollars of iron ore, illegally occupying an Australian port and failing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties to Mineralogy,” Palmer said.

“The strategy of Citic Ltd. – a Chinese state-owned company – was to use unlimited Chinese government funds to cause havoc in Australian courts with questionable integrity.”

Palmer claims that Citic Ltd. had engaged PR firms and lawyers to campaign with journalists to ask questions of him which they knew he was legally unable to answer, and to generate adverse publicity.

“All journalists who accepted this propaganda should question Citic’s true motivation,” Palmer said. This ruling, according to Palmer, shows that all of the implied innuendoes were a complete fabrication and politically motivated.