Carnegie Robotics, a pioneer in rugged robotic systems, and Mine Visions Systems (MVS), a leader in 3-D vision and mapping software, are partnering to provide innovative solutions that will improve safety, increase productivity and advance the long-term sustainability of the mining sector. Under this agreement, MVS’s modeling software will join with Carnegie Robotics’ line of MultiSense cameras to deliver a robust, computer vision-based mapping tool for mining operations that is faster and more accurate than any currently on the market.

The industry vision of sustainability through a fully automated mine becomes closer to reality with smart mining solutions. The MVS-MultiSense solution supports the industry vision by providing more intelligent and productive equipment through CRL’s high-data-rate, high-accuracy 3-D range sensors with MVS’ geological and geotechnical monitoring software. It produces high-fidelity 3-D models with high-resolution 2-D images of the mine within hours instead of weeks, giving operators near real-time information for mine management. It supports the need for fleet tracking throughout the mining operation allowing for more increased equipment performance and efficiency. The MVS-MultiSense tool delivers unprecedented geotechnical insight through accurate mapping and modeling of the mining environment while providing a more thorough understanding of the working environment to increase safety and decrease exposure to life-threatening obstacles.

“We designed the MultiSense camera line to provide reliable data, day in and day out, for harsh mining environments,” said Carnegie Robotics CEO, Steve DiAntonio. “Combining the MultiSense 3-D sensor data with the MVS persistent mapping software provides mine operators with close to real-time information that helps drive faster and more efficient operational decision making.”

“MVS is focused on bringing new vision related technology and software algorithms to the resources mining industry. Our groundbreaking blend of computer vision and machine learning software brings a higher level of automation to equipment but also unrivaled interoperability and data conversion for use in mining software,” said Paul Lucey, CEO of Mine Vision Systems. “When looking for a match for our software, it was hard to go past the CRL MultiSense family of sensors. During the beta testing, our clients put these sensors in conditions where most other sensors would fail, and the MultiSense just kept on going.”

MVS and Carnegie Robotics have a long history of successful collaboration. The MVS software and the CRL hardware were both developed at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute with the objective of eventual commercialization for mining operations. Together, they have deployed the technologies in mining operations across the globe, including Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia.