ABB has launched a new service product called Hoist Performance Fingerprint to help its customers assess and optimize the condition of their mine hoists. It consists of a structured audit of complete hoist systems — covering all electrical and mechanical parts to ensure reliable and safe hoist operation. The first rollout of this new product will be in Australia, Sweden and South Africa. Other countries will follow in 2015.

“The Hoist Performance Fingerprint is a cost-effective service that provides diagnostics, key findings and recommendations in less than a week,” said Remy Lanoue, global head of service mining for ABB. “By assessing and analyzing all electrical and mechanical parts of the hoist system, we offer our customers a comprehensive service solution from a single source. This holistic concept is unique in the underground mining market.”

Hoist Performance Fingerprint is a consulting and audit service developed and performed by ABB. The entire hoist system is assessed, analyzed and tested using high quality data collected from over 20 pre-defined points and a structured tailored analysis tool. All results, findings, as well as corresponding recommendations for optimizations and improvements, are then presented to the customer in a detailed report for follow-up.