With little room for error, miners seek resource modelling solutions that are quick, easy and accurate

By Jesse Morton, Technical Writer

The resource modelling solution space illustrates this as well as any. Currently the drivers for change link back to declining ore grades and new discoveries increasingly situated in difficult locales. “A lot of resources now are trickier to access, or costly or more risky,” a resource modelling software expert, Nick Fogarty said.

Risk drives the miners to innovate and it compels them to seek innovative solutions from suppliers. It also drives them to seek to do “more with less,” Fogarty said. “What companies are realizing is that to drive down the cost of acquisition of resource isn’t reducing, it is increasing, which means that there is a higher focus on productivity in the acquisition of data. The ability to come to the right decision more quickly means that a company may not drill that drill hole or may proceed in areas where they may not have historically.”

When you throw in the pervasive climate of uncertainty that followed the decline of the super cycle, these days could prove to be boom times for tech companies that can promise accurate models. Seizing the opportunities now available, several suppliers are promoting solutions that they say offer clarity, calm nerves and speed tough decisions.
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