Suppliers provide ore transport solutions that cut costs, reduce payrolls and further the sustainable mining paradigm

By Jesse Morton, Technical Writer

Three majors recently reported commissioning ore transport systems advertised as free of combustion engines. On separate continents, each faced unique challenges in doing such, but announced the benefits outweighed costs.

One commissioned a rail-based system that speeds through pre-existing winding drifts underground. It cited the worker health benefits of a diesel exhaust-free work environment as a major impetus. Another commissioned a ski lift-style ropeway system to move ore up a mountain ridge that gets hammered by winter weather. The miner, frequently the target of litigious local green activists, cited the minimal environmental footprint of the system as a core benefit. And the third commissioned a system that included a conveyor, rail system and a port terminal. It reported the vast system would enable the project to become “sustainable.”
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