As futuristic as the current offerings are, the latest innovations aim for perennial targets

By Jesse Morton, Technical Writer

Recent headlining innovations and developments from the crushing solutions space are about focusing on the basics and solving age-old challenges. Crushing solutions marketed today almost universally feature the general Industry 4.0 capabilities that enable miners to draw up a slick digital plant or mine and to monitor machine health in near-real time. They almost universally claim to offer the highest throughput in a reduced footprint. Where suppliers are really competing is on putting more horsepower into crushing ore, increasing output, improving overall performance and uptime, offering more dynamic customized services, and delivering real cost savings. The latest news from some of the bigger suppliers in the space reveals that the new horizon in crushing solution research and development, and in business strategy, remains the old one and centers on getting more done with less — less people, less kilowatts and less dough.
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