Wireless communications help tie together all aspects of large and complex mining operations

How do you connect operations that cover vast stretches of land in some of the world’s most rugged and remote locations?
That’s the question many mining companies are asking today as they look to create a connected mine. They want to take advantage of greater data access, real-time analytics, autonomous systems and services such as remote monitoring, but they first need a network infrastructure that will tie all of those technologies and capabilities together.

Their challenges are unique. Not only do mining operations span great distances, but they are often located in remote areas with minimal or no communications infrastructure. The very nature of mining operations, with continuous digging or blasting, also means that the landscapes in which communications must take place are constantly changing or expanding. And the need to maintain network uptime is vital to both a mine’s productivity and safety.

The first step for mining companies is to converge their information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems into a single, unified network infrastructure. This eliminates silos of information and, as result, enables seamless information sharing across an entire mining operation.

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