Major reforms within the mining sector and the government will foster green mines at home and greater investment abroad

By Steve Fiscor, Editor

During the 20th China Mining conference, it quickly became apparent that major changes are taking place. The theme of the conference, which was held at the Meijiang Convention Center in Tianjin during mid-October, was “New Pattern of Opening, New Model for Cooperation.” Being the fourth largest city in China and the 11th largest in the world, Tianjin was an ideal backdrop for this discussion with its modern amenities and infrastructure. Similar to Toronto or Frankfurt, it’s also a major banking center.

China is well aware of its status as the largest consumer and, in some cases, the largest producer of raw materials. It leads the world in gold production. The country consumes most of the nonferrous base metals and iron ore. It mines and burns three or four times as much coal as the No. 2 consumer. China’s influence on rare earth metals is well-documented.
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