Several suppliers and service providers are looking at new ways to consistently apply shotcrete safely and quickly

By Steve Fiscor, Editor

Shotcrete plays a crucial role underground. It’s performance, as far as ground support, can be affected by many factors. The operators on shotcreting machines strive for a consistent thickness, but it’s a subjective process at best. There are the site-specific parameters, such as geology and the ambient conditions underground, which affect how well the mixture adheres and cures. Then there’s the ingredients that make up the shotcrete and how well they are mixed and delivered.

With more miners pursuing ore at depth, it’s also important to remember that shotcreting systems can also affect the rate of development. If some shafts and tunnels are not lined quickly, the rock begins to deteriorate. Slow shotcreting systems that generate a lot of dust or waste can hinder development rates. Reducing the time it takes to line an ore pass, shaft or tunnel, will only improve development rates.
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