Euro Mine Expo conference showcases some of the latest technologies being used in Scandinavia

By Steve Fiscor, Editor

Scandinavians see things differently. For example, the discussion in Sweden is not about if the mining business will move away from the use of fossil fuels, but when it will happen. It will likely happen soon. Battery propulsion will replace diesel-powered equipment underground and the electricity used to recharge those batteries will come from renewable sources. Having a grid powered mostly by hydroelectricity is a huge advantage of course.

Likewise, some of the leaders in this region are already envisioning the next steps that will build on autonomous mining. Advanced drones developed for underground mining can give the system eyes and ears, mapping the headings with great detail, exploring stopes or ore passes and investigating the face before the smoke clears. That seems logical until one realizes these units do not have access to GPS or light for line-of-sight control.
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