Jama introduced the battery-powered SBU 8000E scaler. The unit’s battery solution, co-developed with Epiroc, makes the all-electric machine a first of its kind in the world, Jama reported.

The predecessor mechanical SBU 8000 has been on the market for decades. The new model features a rebuilt driveline, a 160-kilowatt (kW) electric motor, new hydraulic valves, new control system, and modular battery solution. The unit offers the same power as the diesel predecessor model, and it eliminates emissions, reduces noise level, and can help cut ventilation costs, Jama reported.

The battery solution is described as the world’s first certified battery system specially developed for mining. It is CE, UL and CSA-certified. It can be adopted through Epiroc’s Batteries-as-a-Service offering where customers subscribe to energy storage capacity and the suppliers manage the system and replace components.

The low-vibration, low-noise, floating cab can be tilted backward up to 13°. The seat is air-suspended, has a threepoint belt and double lumbar support, and can be raised and lowered. A large 15.6-in. color touchscreen provides an overview of controls and settings.