Caterpillar reported the new 995 Wheel Loader offers more payload and performance while using less fuel. The unit is designed for a one-pass reduction when loading Cat 785, 789, and 793 trucks.

Compared to the 994K, the new model gives up to 19% more productivity due in part to a 6% increase in hydraulic force with equal hydraulic cycle time, Caterpillar said. The 995 gives 13% lower hourly fuel consumption and an up-to-8% efficiency gain when in Enhanced Eco Mode.

Compared to the 994K, the new model has an improved casting design, increased weld size, larger bearings and pins, and profile changes for increased service life, Cat said. The 995 has a Cat 3516E engine that can be configured to meet European Union and U.S.A. emissions regulations.

The pressurized cab offers 50% more legroom and improved operator comfort compared to the cab of the 994K. It features three screens, two for machine control and one dedicated to a rearview camera. The windshield has a 25% increase in glass surface area and a 64% increase in wiper sweep area.

The loader offers a 500-hour engine oil change interval and improved air filter life compared to that of the 994K. The number of steering hoses is reduced from 15 to 10, and tubes are reduced from 11 to 1 to improve steering system reliability, Caterpillar said.

The 995 comes standard with tip up prevention technology that helps deliver full breakout forces and prevents back tires from lifting off the ground. An interactive training tool, Operator Coaching, monitors and advises on performance metrics. The available technology tools include Autodig, Tire Slip Prevention, Auto Set Tires, Lift Stall Prevention, and Payload Overload Prevention. The Standard Vital Information Management System offers machine monitoring capabilities.