Thermo Fisher Scientific recently unveiled its Nitus Gamma Backscatter (GBS) gauge, a newly designed sensor for measuring level, density and wall buildup in large mining vessels of any size and pipes 24 in. or larger.

Backed by patented, non-contacting gamma backscatter technology, the sensor measures overflow clarity and flocculants, provides control of solids in paste tanks and precisely monitors solids concentration in settling tanks and clarifiers. According to the company, the sensor on the Nitus gauge features a scintillation detector with the highest level of stability and sensitivity, allowing the system to respond instantly to level or density changes. Additionally, the sensor requires small amounts of energy, so it only uses a small source to achieve highly precise measurements. In many applications, the amount of gamma energy needed for a typical level or density measurement can be reduced by a factor of 200, without giving up speed of measurement or precision. The small source also lowers capital costs and improves plant safety.