EpirocEpiroc will debut the Pit Viper 291 at MINExpo. The rig is for larger-diameter drilling in soft to medium ground conditions in both rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling. It is capable of 171-millimeter (mm) to 311-mm-diameter holes with a 16.76-meter (m) clean hole single pass with the drill bit above the table. It is also available with an 18-m option.

The Pit Viper 291 offers more than 100 different options to configure the perfect drill, Epiroc reported. With Epiroc’s Rig Control System (RCS), it can be configured with scalable automation features, including fully autonomous drilling.

Other products to be showcased or represented include the SmartROC D65 XLF, the SmartROC T45, the Boomer M20, Boltec M10 and E10 Bolting Rigs, the COP 57P DTH Hammer, and more.

Epiroc has booth No. 2121 in the North Hall.

Separately, Epiroc reported it designed the COP M-series DTH hammers to be the lightest, fastest and most durable DTH hammers ever built. Using a COP M6, M7 or M8 with an Epiroc drill rig gives maximum speed and
productivity for every hole diameter, Epiroc said.

The hammers are designed to adapt to different air pressures and volumes with a component change. That ability gives mixed fleet operators the flexibility to have one hammer that gets the best production from any drill rig in the fleet, Epiroc reported.

A unique air cycle, and an all-new design translate into increased performance. The bits are fitted with harder carbides for the most demanding conditions, the supplier said. The bits feature a tubeless solid shank design that results in higher quality blast holes.

The hammers are compatible with
a variety of Epiroc or competitor drill rigs operating at most altitudes in most climates.