Flowrox announced a new design for the Slurry Knife Gate that eliminates the valve’s cylinder tower and instead puts two actuator cylinders on each side of the valve. With the new design, the valve’s body is now cast in one piece.

Without the tower, which can have a high center of gravity, the valve is easier to handle, more stable during assembly, easier to access for maintenance, and safer, the company reported.

With the actuator cylinders, all maintenance access points are less than 2 m from the ground, making them more easily accessible. Compare that to 3 m to 4 m above the ground, as was the case with the old design.

With the new valve body, there are
less chances for leaking, and there is reduced bolting during maintenance,
Flowrox reported.

The DN 900 to 1500 valves can handle pressures from 10 and down to 4 bar, depending on size. There are flange drilling options.